ACCA Hot Topics June 2006 (FTMS)

From FTMS Global:

Download here: [no longer available]


Paper 2.2(MYS) Corporate & Business Law (Malaysia): Q&A

These are past year papers from the old syllabus, i.e. before December 2001.

June 1999 Q

June 1999 A

Dec 1999 Q

Dec 1999 A

June 2000 Q

June 2000 A

Dec 2000 Q

Dec 2000 A

June 2001 Q

June 2001 A

Paper 2.3(MYS) Business Taxation (Malaysia): Past Exam Papers

Okay, I managed to dig up the past Q&A papers for this one from my CD. I’m posting only those relevant for the current syllabus (starting from Dec 2001). I do have the older ones, tell me if you want those before Dec 2001.

Here are the links:

December 2001 – Answers

December 2001 – Questions

December 2002 – Answers

December 2002 – Questions

June 2002 – Answers

June 2002 – Questions

December 2003 – Answers

December 2003 – Questions

June 2003 – Answers

June 2003 – Questions

December 2003 – Questions

December 2003 – Answers

June 2004 – Questions

June 2004 – Answers

Note: The file hosting service I’m using will sometimes goes on ‘holiday’ normally it’ll be back up in one or two days. However, the links will not expire, that’s a good thing, right? Please inform me if I got the file name wrong.

Paper 3.2(MYS) Advanced Taxation (Malaysia): Q&A

If you are taking any taxation paper of malaysia variant, you’ll noticed that only 2004 and 2005 past Q&As are available for download, others are gone. So if you are like me frantically searching for other Q&As, I’ve managed to retrieve the missing ones with the help of my friend. As for Paper 2.3 (MYS), I’ll might still have them in my computer when I took the paper last year, give me some time to check.

For more, please visit Kwai Fatt (thanks, Lim MC!)

I’ve hosted the files on an upload site for you to download, below are the links:











Note: I forgot which year it is but I think there are two files unreadable in my computer when I tried to open it. I still upload it because maybe you can open it? Heheh! However, leave a comment if you can’t open it.

Easy Guide to Malaysian Tax and Accounting System 2005/2006

This is the latest publication from ACCA Malaysia.

From the site:

This booklet serves as a guide to the Malaysian tax and accounting system for 2005/2006. The information provided in this booklet is based on taxation laws and other legislations, including legislative proposal and measures contained in the 2006 Malaysian Budget announcement on 30 September 2005.

Actually, I have a printed copy of this booklet which I received not so long ago. It's prepared with the help of Mr Alan Yeo Miow Cheng (FCCA). In my opinion, it's quite useful as it serves as a quick guide for the students. The booklet is 1.4MB in size. You can download this booklet from ACCA Malaysia now.